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  • AS-CE9000

  • Brand: : AS
  • Type: : AS-CE9000
  • Features: : Japan
  • Color: : white


1, plastic shell, small body, tap water by electrolysis, the native cell can turn water into direct drinking is good for the body of alkaline water and acidic water can be used for sterilization.Were divided into high, medium and low three gears.
, digital display, microcomputer automatic control, 2 flow rate, power automatic switch, electrolytic cell automatic washing.
3, digital display filter replacement tips, music suggests drinking water.
4, chuck type fixed installation, just connect the faucet in the home, in ambry mesa can be directly, the operation is simple.
5, adopt platinum titanium alloy electrolytic cell, service life is long, about sustainable electrolytic 850 hours (according to the daily use of 15 l is more than 10 years).Panasonic manufacturing electrolytic water machine has more than 10 years history, quality is reliable.
6, using hollow fiber loading silver activated carbon composite filter, multi-stage strong purification, water purification better, taste better, products of good quality, high credibility.
7, cartridge replacement cycle: about 2 years.(parts of domestic water quality is poorer, water and sediment, this situation should be in front of the machine into the nozzle to a filtering device, reduce the burden of the machine filter, filter achieve maximum lifespan.)
8, water yield: 2.0 litres per minute
9, suitable household drinking water, cooking, drinking water in clay pot soup and small office.
Note: 1, this machine for Japanese panasonic electrolysis water machine, water quality is good in Japan, most can directly drinkable, parts of domestic water quality is poorer (especially north), has in the region because of the poor water supply and water supply pipeline aging, harmful material such as precipitation impurities in the water, water quality is hard, it need to add a filter before the machine's entrance, not only ease the burden on electrolysis water machine itself with a built-in filter to filter achieve maximum life span, but also can let you to drink water more health, better health.
2, this is Japan's voltage 100 v, you can use the domestic distribution transformer, in order to ensure the machine working normally and considering domestic power caused by voltage instability and even burning machine fault, it is recommended to use 220 v to 110 v for more than 200 watts of power transformer.