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  • AS-TFD03-03

  • Brand: : AS
  • Type: : AS-TFD03-03
  • Features: : Three water purifier
  • Color: : Green + white


Product features:
Item description: three water purification machine
The whole machine adopts conforms to the United States NSF certification of equipment safety of drinking water filter.
Water purification line adopt appropriate NSF certified material.
Water purification filter material using green environmental protection material.
The whole machine adopts quick release filter easy replacement.
Free plug without waste water
Size: 390 * 165 * 320
Basic function:
Can filter the rust, sandstone, hair, the coarser material such as sludge. Including filtering invisible to the naked eye fine impurities such as rust water, floating impurities.
Advanced activated carbon with high performance absorbent, can remove chlorine, trihalomethanes, bleach, pesticides, chlorine, odor, color and other harmful chemicals, such as chemicals.