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  • AS-GD-J0023

  • Brand: : AS
  • Type: : AS-GD-J0023
  • Features: : The second generation fast can shower bath device
  • Color: : white


Material: Japan's long-term the chloride calcium sulfite, micro elements upright.
Bath: "chlorine" easy to produce allergic skin, dry, skin cancer, carcinogenic "THM", enter the body through breathing.
When brushing your teeth, gargle oral cells will quickly absorb the chlorine, spit it out at this time the water has not detected any "chlorine".
Wash a face to not clean water quality, accept according to the order of skin, it is a good wash a face to maintain article also disconsolate.
Sanitary ware, bathroom and sanitary ware is easier than for calcium and magnesium ions in water to form the wash water mark, faucet and shower also easily blocked.