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  • AS-TFP3000-03

  • Brand: : AS
  • Type: : AS-TFP3000-03
  • Features: : Three activated water generator
  • Color: : white


Product features:
Item description: three water purification machine
The whole machine adopts conforms to the United States NSF certification of equipment safety of drinking water filter.
Water purification line adopt appropriate NSF certified material.
The rear provide multi-functional filter to improve physical fitness
Water purification filter material using green environmental protection material.
The whole machine adopts quick release filter easy replacement.
The rear can match multi-functional energy filter and alkaline water generator.
The whole machine adopts quick release filter easy replacement
Free plug without waste water
Size: 370 * 290 * 100
Basic function:
To pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, pigment and impurities effectively, and keep the good water molecules, bad separation of water molecules.Powerful removing pesticide residues in water, the water pollution, bad breath, chlorine, ozone, residue in water in the removal of heavy metals, bacteria, antibacterial rate of 99%