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  • AS-CFXF-1301
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  • AS-CFXF-1301

  • Brand: : AS
  • Type: : AS-CFXF-1301
  • Features: : Household water purifier
  • Color: : Stainless steel


Use commercial water purifiers
Product configuration:
KDF + carbon ion crystal coconut shell activated carbon powder, iodine value above 1100 (50 * 105 * 105 mm)
Product function and features:
1. In addition to chloride, decoloring, flavour, removing organic matter, residual pesticide chemical fertilizer.
2. Raw material powder coconut shell activated carbon, food-grade bonding materials, does not contain any harmful substances.
3. The use of activated carbon powder materials large specific surface area and strong adsorption speed, maximum efficiency of material utilization
4. With more than 1000 iodine value coconut shell activated carbon (shells) for material processing, to ensure product required effect.
5. Integrating adsorption intercept advantages, namely have activated carbon adsorption function, and interception of a membrane filter.(in the atmosphere to filter into the coke or ink, filter out immediately clear tasteless water purification)
6. The working process of the blackwater outflow (except) was used for the first time, do not pollute the rear membrane filter
7. Filter aperture control, minimum filtering precision can reach 0.5 microns, according to actual needs to provide the products of different aperture
Product advantage:
1. The flow capacity is big
2. Water yield quick (four points in water mouth)
3. Water purification effect is good
4. Product volume is small, simple and convenient installation, does not occupy a space.
5. Long service life (filtering capacity to 200000 litres, depending on the local water quality)