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  • AS - PP01

  • Brand: : AS
  • Type: : AS - PP01
  • Features: : PP cotton filter
  • Color: : white


PP filter is 100% PP (polypropylene) spray welding and become, have 1 ~ 50 microns (the filter aperture of micron) can be used for different liquid filtration, applied to filter the stagnant impurities, including rust, mud, sand and gravel, hair, suspended microbes etc.
The stand or fall of PP is to block ability is weak, the good pre filter can make the back of the main body of filter efficiency really play, even if is a good filter, or to change the time came, the bad filter, even if is often change, or bad effect.
Bite up and down to deep, is refers to the pressure when filter shell locked out of the grain, bite deep extrusion closely.
Nurgle amount plus: adopt outside loose within close gradually tight type filter performance is better, it is best to filter used yellow white, white is because water layers are from inner to outer in an filter.