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  • AS-2600/2600(B)/AS-3600/3600(B)

  • Brand: : AS
  • Type: : AS-2600/2600(B)/AS-3600/3600(B)
  • Features: : Embedded water dispenser straight drink machine
  • Color: : Black white stainless steel


Product features:
1. Patent activity lifting water tap, convenient for water.
2. Liquid crystal display panels, aesthetically pleasing, easy to operate.
3. The first of three LED red, blue, white light, water direct lighting.
4. Save electricity saving energy and environmental protection design.
5. Otherwise warm type model, meet the demand of different water temperature.
6. Collocation grain song leak detector device (a pair of 2 HG - 108), safeguard.
Built-in wo song leak detector
The machine configuration smart leakage circuit breaker:
7. Can prevent cabinet put oneself in another's position due to the equipment leakage damage or accident disasters.
8. With a pair of two sensors, monitoring water purification system and water dispenser at the same time.
Installation note:
9. Installation of this product must be reserved contained in the water supply pipe diameter 4 ~ 1 "PVC pipe,
In order to provide the equipment water supply line.
10. This product is to be provided by the user 2.5 kg/cm above the water supply pressure,
To ensure that effluent water is normal.Insufficient water pressure, it is suggested that adding pressurizer.
11. The product must have an independent power supply.
12. The product back must be contained in the clearance, and heat dissipation.
Hot water switch, automatic safety lock to prevent
The old man, children after scald accident in error,
Built-in type water power system to ensure
Safety equipment.
Said operation interface using bilingual text and pattern
Ming, accord with the international trend, high quality control
Board collocation in guiding LED shadow, let masculine metal
Gentle texture.
First lift water faucet and three-step guide
Led lighting, water intake location clear, play
Refers to the feelings between new fun of drinking water.
With many sections of reservation boot, dormancy
(8.12.24 hours), avoid energy loss,
And built-in function of water in a row, and 60 off automatically
Water features.