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Family whole house water solution
Family whole house life drinking water purification, including drinking water, the kitchen water, wash water, bath water, laundry water purification.For washing and bathing water, also need deep purification in order to prevent the bacteria and other harmful substances through the skin into the body, for laundry water and required water turbidity and hardness is not too high.Therefore, the family whole house purification of drinking water for all reasonable, can use the central purification combined with terminal purification way of two kinds of water purification.In terms of water system, need to consider can satisfy the multiple water tap water at the same time the system of water capacity.
Scheme one:
High accuracy + a lot of high quality activated carbon composite ultrafiltration membrane water purification machine solutions
The solution to the AS ai shi water purification machine AS water purification scheme - ZY 1 t AS the core, and then through the installation of two different water quality of tap water, drinking water at the same time points (sitting room and bedroom) line machine installation, to meet the kitchen water and drinking water purification at the same time.The AS - ZY 1 t and by ultrafiltration membrane of high-precision purification process, can effectively remove the water contain of sediment, rust, bacteria, suspended solids, algae, macromolecular organic matter and other harmful substances, then through high quality coconut shell activated carbon, activated carbon loading quantity) filtering, improving taste.To produce high quality drinking water.In water purification water purification machine export, through a four points and 42 n nipple, the two way to purify water guide received water-purifying cock and sitting room or bedroom point of drinking water pipeline machine, at the same time will tap water faucet outlet of the water purification machine wash.Based on this solution, if you want to reduce the overall plan of spending, then also can consider to remove the rear line machine, direct installation straight drinking water faucet in the kitchen, the kitchen water faucet and straight drinking fountains were one.Need to drink hot water, such as tea, etc.), and then buy a convenient and easy to use electric kettle to boil the water.
You is important to note that if you place the homes of the poor water quality, too muddy, slightly after the precipitates can see the presence of the sediment, suspended matter, etc, so it is best to water purification machine to install a coarse filter the profiteer, so reduce the processing load of ultrafiltration membrane, more effectively extend the service life of the ultrafiltration filter, and for you to reduce overall cost of cooking water purification.