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Brand water purifier manufacturers ai shi technology sharing the distinguish method of reverse osmosis equipment water treatment agent

Reverse osmosis equipment identification of water disposal reagents is according to the chemical structure and physical and chemical properties of water treatment agent, some physical and chemical properties of its effective component analysis and assay, to distinguish the authenticity of a water treatment agent and the advantages and disadvantages.
The appearance of the water treatment agent, color, smell, solubility, clarity, and the solid crystal can intuitively reflect the authenticity and quality of water disposal reagents, to identify with direct help.
Identify means of water disposal reagents are as follows:
1, the physical constant tests, such as density, viscosity of liquid fuel, the melting point of solid agent, etc.
2, spectrum or its for robot features such as ultraviolet absorption spectrum, infrared spectrum, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, for some drugs can also test its chromatographic characteristics value (rf value, retention time, etc.)
3, PH value, usually based on 1% aqueous solution PH value
4, the main chemical reactions, such as functional response, ionic reaction, etc

In the differential water treatment agents, to a certain identification test as the only basis, the result of the change about the project to contact comprehensive investigation, comprehensive analysis, can make accurate and reliable judgment.


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