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Dial the hotline:
When you use the product failure or need to replace filter element, please immediately contact the local sales service or call the company service hotline at 400-6393-117, we will provide door-to-door service for you as soon as possible.
Registration appointment:
Please refer to the personnel of the service provided by using product model, buy time, failure phenomenon, contact number, address and other details, so as to after-sales engineers carry repair parts and filter.
To make an appointment with the customer on-site service time
The door on time:
According to the on-site service time for the appointment with the customer, to provide door-to-door service on time.
Check the fault:
Product failure.
Determine the cost:
According to the results of fault diagnoses, maintenance engineers to the user that the required replacement parts name and number and issue (AS - ai) company system one charge standard, after waiting for the user to confirm the cost began to repair.
Troubleshooting and test qualified.
Fill in the voucher:
In order to avoid the trouble back at home that except you, we will fill in the voucher of maintenance, indicating the cause of the problem, the result of maintenance, maintenance costs, warranty time, as well as our company's service calls and complaints.If you have questions, you can dial telephone service at any time or the company service hotline at 400-6393-400.
Clean up the scene:
Clean up the maintenance site.
Provide warranty:
Since repaired, began to enter the warranty period.During this period, when your product the original problems again, please call the service as soon as possible, we will provide warranty service according to your maintenance record.