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Sincere service
Sincere, kind, patient, treat every complaint, consulting clients.Establish customer files, tracking return visit regularly, the initiative for advice, remind service, answer customer consultation, eliminate customer concerns.
Quick service
Principle: 24 hours any requirement of the customer must get a reply within 24 hours before.Product maintenance and repair in the day to complete, special circumstances shall be agreed with the customer time, regardless of holidays round-the-clock service.
The professional services
All one dress, wear company after-sales service work permit.Follow customer habits, to the customer to take the initiative to wear shoe covers and introduce yourself to show employee's card, customers must personally before leaving the customer's home to clean up the scene, and thanks to the customer;When service to introduce you to the product use and maintenance matters needing attention.
Good faith service
Adhere to honesty, fair appraisal and perform the national 3 packets of policy, ensure your rights and interests.
Lifelong service
Set up information management system, to achieve life-long service;To send professionals to do product maintenance service on a regular basis, moment enables you to enjoy drinking water safety and health life.
Reasonable charge
With original factory quality filter and accessories, accessories fee standards according to ai technology (shenzhen) co., LTD. Set the retail price on the accessories price list, each service unit shall not presumptuously raise prices;Non warranty repair, must promote fees prior to your rules and standards, for your permission can repair, to charge after the machine running normally, and issue related bills.
Set up the national free service hotline, 400-6393-117;The service quality of our company products have any dissatisfaction, all can through the free service telephone complaints, we will send the service manager will handle complaints, give you a satisfactory answer.Also invite you to our products and services work put forward valuable opinion.