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Under a let's learn this one up AS a series of pure water machine:

Pure water machine is one kind of multistage filter is adopted to improve the water quality purification of water purification equipment, processing more use of not adding chemical filtration, adsorption, physical methods such as reverse osmosis.According to the accuracy of the pure water machine, water purification can be divided into life of drinking pure water machine, also called household pure water machine.
Due to RO filter water making slow, usually equipped with pressure water tank and pressure switch to control the work and stop of the machine.
1, using the world's most advanced RO reverse osmosis technology (also called for reverse osmosis water treatment, per one micron filtration precision, to ensure the quality of drinking water, that is to say, in reverse osmosis pure water machine out of the water is very pure.
2, imported famous brand ultra-quiet diaphragm pump, long service life, quality and reliable running.
3, 5 filtering, integrated play effective role of each filter to remove sediment, suspended solids, colloid, organic matter in raw water, heavy metals, soluble solids, bacteria, viruses, ion, inorganic salt ions, as well as the heat source and other harmful impurities, retain only the water molecules and dissolved oxygen.
4, with functions of high pressure flushing of reverse osmosis membrane, household type accumulative total is around one and a half hours work.Startup system, automatic flushing one time, which can effectively extend the service life of reverse osmosis membrane.
5, process automatic control system of water (raw water of water stopping, water pail full stop).
6 and now use to drink now now, high purity, low cost, full meet your drinking water needs.
7, this product is suitable for individuals, units, factories, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical industry, hollow equipment, cleaning glass, and tiny electronic industrial pure water equipment, family and school straight drinking water.
The main function of all kinds of accessories:
1, all kinds of filter material:
Pre filtration system is the main function of filtration and adsorption of some particles and organic matter, reduce the work burden of RO membrane, make the various performance to achieve the best effect of RO membrane, the role of the specific as follows:
No.1: umpp filter (1) to filter particles larger than 1 um in diameter, sand, rust, oxidation, silt, phosphorus sludge, slag, etc.
2: granular activated carbon adsorption odor, odor and chlorine and chlorine in the water by product such as organic matter.
3 (1 umpp filter) filtering processing diameter greater than 1 um particles, slag, etc.
Activated carbon (compression) into one step adsorption peculiar smell, odor and chlorine and chlorine by product such as organic matter.
4: (RO reverse osmosis membrane) is the heart of the reverse osmosis pure water machine, it USES the international most advanced reverse osmosis membrane (DE) processing technology, because of its aperture 0.0001 micron, narrowed to 4000 times more bacteria, virus and to close more than 200 times to pass, so it can effectively remove bacteria, heavy metal, salt, water, minerals, and other solutes and water treatment chemicals affiliation.
Bacteriostatic activated carbon phase 5: (rear) to adjust water taste, inhibit bacteria, regeneration, prevent water pollution, keep the water fresh.
Auxiliary control system:
(pump) : two green thread connection, in and out of the water to the arrow direction, with two KJ4046 joint, main rev to the supercharging effect, 60-80 cm) (normal head can work normally for RO membrane, create a stable work environment.
(low voltage switch) : connect two yellow lines, with a KJ4044 connector, the main effect to prevent idle running, when the raw water pressure is less than 0.3 ㎡ ㎏ / c or water low voltage switch automatically cut off power supply when the machine stopped running, when the machine showed lack of water (water down) or low voltage switch failure when the two root yellow line in parallel in one, the machine normal operation is high voltage switch failure (water) lower, such as switch is directly in the new order.
(intake solenoid valve) : two black thread connection, match KJ1044 joint water inlet, outlet and KJ4044 connectors.Main effect is put through or cut off the source of water, when water stop system, can automatically shut off the water does not rely on the water pressure, water through the RO membrane continue to discharge.Turn off the power supply using 8 kg or less pressure range, such as wastewater and in the flow, turn off the water waste water flow is not switch failure;In the case of electricity water through;Take one transformer, the two threads to solenoid valve correct one, if not water, is also a switch failure;Directly replace a new one.
(high voltage switch) : two blue thread connection, the main role is to prevent the pump full turn, when pressure bucket of water is full or to achieve the set pressure high voltage switch automatically jump to cut off the power supply when the machine stop running.Pure water proportion pressure barrels and normally off the gooseneck faucet, one minute to stop working, if not is high pressure failure in the beginning, can be directly replaced.
(combination flush solenoid valve) : connect two red line, match KJ1044 joint water inlet, outlet and KJ4044 connectors.Automatically flush the RO membrane, protect and improve the usability of RO membrane, the machine work for RO membrane before automatic flushing for 30 seconds, and then into normal water system.
(waste water proportion) : connect the RO membrane shell waste water outlet.The role of the main control waste water flow, provide protection for RO membrane.(pure water demo machine and pure water jets)
(check valve) : also known as one-way valve, control in the direction of flow, the pure water outlet installed in RO membrane shells.
Micro service system: now we have the AS ai shi water series of products also have certainly know, is our next to the actual installation process, during the installation process we must abide by the German HuiMei micro service system.
One, pure water machine installation tools preparation: (AS ai ShiWei service system, for the commonly used tools for code management)
1, the wrench (8, 12, 14)
2, double knife with the self-contained silk (10, one)
3, cut pipe wrench
4, pen knife
5, a hammer
6, test pencil
7, flashlight diamond (first two, with 22 stainless steel special diamond is mainly used to sink openings)
8, impact drilling (and twist drilling head: 6, 8, 12, 16 long wall, is mainly used to wear a wall)
Article 9, towels, two for tools and cleaning).
Second, the consumables preparation:
1, ribbons,
2, electrical tape,
3, the plastic 摣
4, the blue card buckle
5, line nail
6, PE pipe
7, related to joint the two
8, each one a beginning/solenoid valves
9, transformer/computer board
3, equipment installation door: preparing tools and consumables required by the installation into toolkit (box), extracted from the warehouse according to the loading equipment and accessories.After the call to go out to the user, inform how much time to install!
1, asks the user location in the kitchen
2, find the sink location
3, open the kitchen door and ask the user cold water control valve position, the user can switch Angle valves, ensure correct find cold water valve.
4, check the installation environment and make sure the tools needed for installation.
5, take out the required installation tools according to the number one towel set.
Four, equipment installation: (open the packing box, check whether all the parts in place)
1, open the packing cases, take out parts box
2, installation tee the water and pure water tap
3, installing the front three several filter (the kitchen) note the name of the second film up installation, rinse under running water for two minutes.
4, connect the inlet pipe, water pipe connections, pressure barrels, connections waste water pipe.
5, remove the inlet pipe, RO membrane shells open RO membrane shell, put the RO membrane in membrane shell (there are two black waterproof circle)
6, plugged in, take the RO membrane pressure pipe, let the water wash good level 3 again before water inlet pipe reduction RO membrane shells
7, plugged in, open the ball valve, pressure barrels close the faucet, the previous two barrels of water from the tap, the third barrel can drink.
8, with plastic 摣 belt fixed PE pipe, the PE pipe cleaning wastewater to beautiful, fixed in the sewers.
9, interpretation of the pure water machine "guidelines"
10, the installation is complete.
Five, computer plate filter tip
Product photos: have the function of the filter element management, the service life of the filter to the automatically prompt replacement filter and membrane.
According to the state
Working state
Water making
When the high voltage switch in the water tank, as measured by the water pressure is lower than the set value, pure water machine in the process of making water. Red and blue wheel rotation on the screen.
(open high-pressure pump, inlet valve, flush valve closed)
30 seconds after the electricity, the automatic flushing;Wash lights flashing
(open high-pressure pump work, fill valve, flush valve open)
The water is full
When the high voltage switch to the pressure reach a set point in the water tank, pure water machine into the water with program.Full light long on water.
(high-pressure pump stops, the inlet valve closed, flush valve closed)
Lack of water
When the low pressure switch to raw water pressure is lower than the set value, pure water machine in the process of water shortage, buzzer.Water lights flashing.
(high-pressure pump stops, the inlet valve closed, flush valve closed)
Among 12 consecutive hourly water without water, pure water machine malfunction, entering inspection procedures, prompt the user to contact after-sales service.Buzzer.
(high-pressure pump stops, the inlet valve closed, flush valve closed)
Filter replacement instructions:
The service life of filter element and the use of time and the use of ground water quality have close relationship.When there is a water quality variation, taste drops, the water flow decreased significantly (should be ruled out the cause of the slow flow due to temperature drop), the voice of the high pressure water pump to work in disguised forms, must be replaced immediately filter, to ensure the best water treatment capacity of the machine.
One but some color in five filter indicator light off entirely, said light filter to replace the level.
Filter replacement after the memory must be "reset" : press "filter selection buttons" first, do you want to reset the filter, the selected the filter corresponds to the icon flashing, press the "filter" reset buttons, hearing the sound of one, and the filter indicator all on this level.
Filter option button: press the function key time less than 3 seconds;Filter reset button: press the function key longer than 3 seconds;
Power button is used to switch the RO machine.
Check whether the normal operation
1) turn on the tap water ball valve in the line, connected to the power and press the flush button on the computer console (manual washing machine: open the manual washing ball valve), the high-pressure pump start, start emissions, wastewater filter to clean at all levels;
2) after the automatic cleaning (manual washing machine: rinse 2 minutes, closed manually flush valves), clicked flush button, back again to clean, so 8-15 times (or flush time accumulated up to 30 minutes).
3) confirm the cleaning work is completed, open the water tank on ball valve, now began to normal water making;
After 4) with the water tank, the machine automatically stop working, and at this time should be completely draining water, the water tank to flush the postpositive active carbon filter, can be directly drinking 2 to 3 times;
5) inside the water tank water level drop to set degree, after the machine to the other one is made of water cycle, after this machine into the work, you can drink fresh and delicious high quality pure water
6) is the fastest way of checking first pressure barrel switch (with PE pipe into 90 degrees is close and parallel PE pipe for open), to open (close) leader (repeat several times), to see whether the machine to work properly, such as wrong operation, please refer to the following information.
Fault diagnosis
One, high pressure pump is not started, cannot make water
7) check whether the power outage, the plug is in
8) test for a normal intake solenoid valve,
9) or water, raw water of water down to determine whether water tee to open
10) check whether low voltage switch failure, cannot be switched on
11) check if the pump and transformer short circuit, or the whole machine line connection is wrong
12) check whether the high voltage switch or water level controller is failure, can't reset
13) low voltage switch pipe before discount (or blockage) : review, set up the line, to ensure smooth.
14) to check whether there is fault computer box type (microcomputer)
Second, the high pressure pump to work properly, but was unable to make water
1) check the water solenoid valve (valve) all defective can't feed water (pure water waste water are not)
2) high pressure pump pressure loss (pure water is very small, drop shape)
3) before the level 3 and front filter clogging (pure water waste water are no small or waste water)
4) check whether the check valve is blocked (with waste water without water)
5) check whether combination flush electromagnetic valve failure, cannot effectively closed (one straight in flushing condition)
6) defective computer box cannot be closed recoil solenoid valve (one straight in flushing condition)
7) check whether the RO membrane is blocked
Three, high-pressure pump non-stop
1) high pressure pump pressure is insufficient to result in pure water into the pressure barrel after barrel inside, can't achieve high pressure setting pressure
2) check valve plug, not out of the water
3) high pressure failure, can't jump
4) computer box has a fault, not shut down the pump power
Four, the machine is in stop state, but wastewater flow
5) check that the water electromagnetic valve is damaged, can not be effective without water
6) check whether the check valve is damaged (small) wastewater flow
7) to check whether there is fault, the microcomputer control box can't close the solenoid valve
Five, a serious imbalance between pure water and waste water ratio
1) check whether flush solenoid valve damage
2) check the proportion of waste water blockage (more water, less waste water)
3) check whether the RO membrane is blocked or removal serious decline
After the six, water full, jump over and over again
1) check valve pressure relief
2) high voltage switch or liquid level switch failure
3) have pressure phenomenon of pure water system (pump start over and over again, don't stop)
Seven, insufficient water flow
4) before the three filter, front and rear antibacterial activated carbon block
5) high pressure pump pressure is insufficient
6) RO membrane plugging
7) waste water proportion too conduction
8) insufficient pressure barrels or internal damage
9) rinse solenoid valve cannot be closed;
10) source water temperature is too low;
Eight, pressure bucket filled with water, but water cannot flow out
1) pressure relief pressure barrels (inflatable until barrels in the inland waters just all out, about 3 kg pressure)
2) rear activated carbon block
3) pressure barrels of bladder rupture
Nine, pure water TDS value is higher
1) check whether the RO membrane removal rate is lower or even failure
2) RO membrane shell of pure water and wastewater end no strict partition have crack phenomenon
3) check whether bacteriostatic activated carbon rear failure;RO membrane or damaged rubber band one side is too small
4) high pressure pump pressure is insufficient;Source water TDS is too high;Pre filter does not change regularly
Ten,. Water non-stop machine system
1) before the three filter or RO membrane congestion
2) high voltage switch damage;
3) high pressure pump pressure is insufficient;
4) check valve plug;
5) microcomputer control box control failure
One and ten. Constantly washing machine
Fault (example: 1) rinse solenoid valve solenoid valve with impurity cannot be closed).
2) microcomputer program control box, a disorder
The twelve, have noise
1) water pressure instability: water temperature instability may cause the machine frequently, continuous sound, the water down (intelligent) will display (screen) and water shortage alarm.
2) low voltage switch is broken: if low voltage switch is broken (smart), cannot be closed, will be one direct report to the police.
3) the damage of high voltage switch, such as high voltage switch poor contact, may cause the fill valve frequent start, continuous noise.
Note: 1, ensure the machine at room temperature (5-40 ℃) under the working conditions, temperature directly affect the output size of filter element.
2, the machine must be carried out before normal use debug, or tap water may have a fine black powder.
3, for a long time without the machine should cut off power supply, water reuse the unit, should be the first one sample one time use debug operation, such as water quality after cleaning is not ideal, please replace the cartridge as soon as possible.
4, replace the filter should be cut off power supply first, and pay attention to the direction and sequence filter, filter replacement should be used with the first one time after one sample debugging when flushing.
Q: why waste water so much?
Answer: our pure water machine is equipped with reverse osmosis RO membrane, aperture 0.0001 microns, need to use large amounts of water for cleaning, in order to prevent membrane plugging.The water after the cleaning membrane called condensed water, one like the enrichment ratio was between 1:3 ~ 5, due to the impurities in concentrated water is more, we don't suggest to drink, but can be connected to the container as water washing, cleaning and so on life, the real health and environmental protection.
Q: why is the same water TDS value will have change?
Answer: A, the water circulation change: use at different time of flow of water, mineral content can be affected
B, water intake capacity: how much water intake capacity, how much influence minerals
C, water temperature, water temperature rise, along with the increasing concentration of calcium carbonate, calcium acid magnesium, conductivity, TDS pen, stick to the value of the measurement will also increase