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Commercial water purification solutions
1, the water plant group
Factory group, water features mainly embodied in:
The first one, larger number of drinking water.
Second, the relatively concentrated water time points, such as work and rest time before the peak time for drinking water.
Third, the cost of drinking water equipment requires economy.
Fourth, often should maintain, ensure the flow of water quality and water production.Based on the above characteristics of drinking water, the filter can develop drag "one more" for the characteristics of group company is suitable for factories, schools, the drinking water solutions.
2, office drinking water
Office drinking water solution has the characteristic of the different from other occasions, mainly displays in: the number of drinking water in the range of 10 to 50, time although there is no factory as centralized drinking water but still have water irreverent comedy period, at the same time more picky on water quality and taste, even more demanding.Filter can around the office water demand characteristic, design the corresponding water solution.