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Taiwan imported water purifier brand ai shi water purification tell you various difference between the kitchen water purifier

Now family life water occasionally appear yellow water quality, heavy metal content is too big, breeding of bacteria in some eyes can't see the water quality problems, such as serious impact the healthy life of the ordinary people.More and more people begin to live again used in household water purifier.
Household kitchen water purifier is a small water treatment equipment.And the structure of kitchen water purifiers roughly coarse filter, activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange resin, hollow fiber and several kinds of such as reverse osmosis membrane.Can effectively remove the chlorine in the water. Heavy metals and suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, algae rear active carbon Daniel will go to one step removal of all kinds of benefit to the human body in minerals, retained in tap water on the human body useful minerals, make clear water clean, sterile after processing.Household water purifiers to different levels, different efficacy, the type of household kitchen water purifiers, water purifiers, the simplest is the primary filtering it as just one filter one layer, is known as the coarse filtration, although such water after purification, but can't drink, if you want to drink also need to bring to a boil.Also is one kind of multistage filtration of household water purifiers, kitchen as one case it has three sets of filter core, including one set of precision filtration, such a water purifier purify water has reached the level can be directly drinkable.Top water purifier is one kind is called reverse osmosis membrane filter, the filter can remove the heavy metals in the water, bacteria, virus, pesticide, odor, color, etc., the pure water is almost a "pure water", can need not heating can directly drinkable, this reaction membrane water purifiers took to the favour of a lot of people pursue high quality life.If water quality is bad, can't trust of drinking, might as well choose according to the actual situation of different different kinds of household water purifiers, kitchen so to eliminate the water pollution from the source, the use of household water purifiers to safeguard our physical health.