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The effects of benzene in lanzhou event

After April 15, 2014 after the outbreak of "water pollution in lanzhou" event, buy mineral water in local drew one group of boom.Residents' daily life tap water that's a lot of benzene exceed bid, let more and more people are aware of the water around whether already can not meet the safety standards we want?
No food people life can maintain six to seven days, but don't drink water only for two or three days or so.Facing with the situation of water pollution easily now, more and more consumers to look to the water purifier.Water filter to filter out the city tap water through many impurities, and the use of pure physical methods (such as activated carbon to purify water quality, to be able to remove the residual chlorine in the water, harmful material such as benzene, organic molecules, heavy metal ions, filtering out of the water for the safety and health of pure water, also met the "healthy water" dream of the masses.Water purifier is the best electric household drinking water safety, is the cause of sell like hot cakes.
The pollution sources of water pollution in lanzhou mentioned head of benzene is?Benzene is one kind of organic compounds, with nerve toxicity to human body, long-term consumption can cause cancer.People and animals inhalation or skin contact with a large number of benzene, can cause acute and chronic benzene poisoning.Long-term inhalation can infringer of the nervous system, spasm of acute poisoning can produce nerve even coma, death;In leukemia patients, there is a big one with benzene and its organic products contact history.Now is the best way to deal with this way installation RO reverse osmosis water purifiers, because the diameter of the benzene molecule in 0.58 nm, so using nanofiltration and RO reverse osmosis is the most effective method.Mr. Shi household water purifier adopts RO reverse osmosis membrane, reverse osmosis membrane membrane pore size is very small, so can effectively remove salt dissolved in water, colloid, microorganism and organic matter, etc.And Mr. Shi water purification system has a good water quality, low consumption, no pollution, simple process, easy operation, etc.
Water purifier after more than 20 years of development, has been from the earliest "luxury" development for people daily necessities, and now the water filter price ten thousand yuan from the previous one podium now becomes one of thousands of yuan, the domestic many ordinary families can also the consumption of products.In recent years, more and more consumers begin to pay close attention to the safety of drinking water health problems, so as to promote the vigorous development of the water purifier industry.By data show that in 2013 water purification equipment market scale of 4.28 million units, up 64.6% year on year, is expected in 2014, water purification equipment market retail sales, retail sales year-on-year growth of 55.0%, 55.0% respectively.
Mr. Shi technology (shenzhen) co., LTD is located in shenzhen baoan shajing the heng sheng hi-tech park, is one specialized is engaged in water purification equipment, air purification equipment research and development, production and sales and on-site installation, environmental protection product development and sales as one of the high-tech private enterprises.
Decade, ai technology experience continuously explore, pioneered the use of two trigger global health drinking water revolutionary innovation technology, RO reverse osmosis technology and water treatment technology.Has been successively by the Chinese ministry of health approval documents wading certification, CCC certification, ISO9000 quality management, ISO14000 environmental management and OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification.Popularized with "healthy drinking water supplies, improve the quality of modern life, the integrated use of water treatment technology, promote healthy environmental protection enterprise" as the enterprise mission, is committed to "become a world one flow within the territory of water treatment products, technology suppliers, brand operators, industry leaders".
Ai technology, professional of the founders of the drinking water supplies.