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Water quality determines the body constitution

One side water and soil raises one party people, a person's character formation and geographical environment of water and soil culture have very big key, we usually describe one place good, usually words "here picturesque scenery, the talents".Thus the water and soil environment is one individual has become an important reason of the aristocracy.In a dream of red mansions, said: "women are made of water," said very reasonable.In fact, we, in turn, may have to look for a beauty, water along the clue of the water path finding.Where water is good, the beauty.Mountain clear water show, so we can along the mountains, looking for the water mist surrounding land.

Life is not Lin daiyu, and will not be because you sad, and become amorous feelings, sad this is the common mood, Lin daiyu unique amorous feelings.Women are made of water, Lin daiyu because water is clever and amorous feelings.In fact from a scientific perspective, not only the woman is made of water, man is made of water, adults in the human body is 70% water.Baby high moisture is around 80%.So the water quality health directly decide the body constitution health, the body has two vital organs are used to detoxify and excretion, main detoxification, liver kidney is a water circulation system, the human is equal to a body of the filter, filter out impurities and harmful substances in the water.When the body of water one time every 40 days for a big change, if the water quality is not healthy, that is his own body when filters.
Water quality determines the constitution, the body can't be filter.
People with food for the day, the illness.Now food safety issues, and tableware health problem and has drawn great attention of people, but the problem of water quality of tap water in iron show, impurities, bacteria, colloid.Every day in our body burden heavier.Water state changed will utter the harm the liver detoxification, and renal excretion function has self purification ability, but also have a set full of various degrees, when too much to deal with the impurities will be increased the burden of liver and kidney, cause the body lesions.So the body can't be filter, we need to ensure clean drinking water quality at source, cleaning and security.Water quality determines the constitution, the body can't be filter.
How to protect drinking water Ann
Environmental pollution serious, now can't drink like ancient mountain spring, long-term buy bottled also leaned too expensive.Tap water is the main choice, although the tap water for chlorine taste, management, rust and other secondary pollution, but is not the best choice for our current drinking water, we can't all like that Beijing residents for 20 years to drink tap water, for ordinary citizens, boil water though not very perfect, but also is a sub-optimal choice.For conditional family, the tap water terminal to install one ultrafiltration water purifier, it is a important guarantee for the healthy body.