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Water purifier industry must understand planning promotion scheme

For most of the water purifier manufacturers and dealers, active organization, whether manufacturer or distributor of self-organizing, in a word, to make sales promotion activity, has been no stranger to the norm.Even, they didn't see your rivals, look at your other colleagues, have never seen a pig run, also total should eat pork.Water purifier manufacturers how to plan promotional activities, the most difficult, not the content of the promotion, sales promotion is benefit to consumers, let consumers accounted for cheap, sales promotion is specials, discounts and promotions, discounts, gifts, prizes, etc.This for manufacturers and distributors, is not too difficult.The most difficult is how to plan out a theme activities to attract the customers (or source), make the customer can be excited, let customers can shine at the moment, can move the customer, can let the customer have the urge to store, can achieve the above requirements in today's promotions flying, promotion form multifarious, emerge in endlessly, water purifier market under the big background, is not easy.

In fact the jehol site at any time, a planning promotion theme, will always be two kinds: self-producing and spin.

To borrow from, borrow outside force, external, forms, tai chi chuan has a move called "four two dial one thousand jin" is the best argument from now.And first stage of a planning summarization is four "day", to borrow water purifier industry, of course, also accord with the law.

The first is the holiday season.Don't use this, water purifier manufacturers, dealers are very clear, the main is big, the national legal holiday every year.The holiday season is the best time to planning promotion, then the whole industry will be very tacit understanding, and consumers also have enough time to participate in, so it is from the best period.Secondly, the anniversary of the day.Store opening day anniversary (zero), the anniversary of the store (a few years, the anniversary of manufacturer brand.Are planning promotional theme of good selection;This is also our one of the most common event planning.Secondly, hot day.Such as in the world, a nationwide large-scale activities, events and social popular trend, hot spots, etc.Such as the Olympic Games, Asian games, the World Cup, the world expo.These are planning promotions can choose to borrow material.Net such as the fountain of water purifiers in London during the Olympic Games this year, on the one hand, played a stomach Olympic athletes refueling, the other party in CCTV many advertising, also cooperate with several web portal, combined with its own official weibo interact with consumers, this strategy has achieved good market effect, such as the brand's official weibo fans were breached.Finally, event day.This refers to some emergencies.Such as drinking water purifier industry is related to family health products, when there is a "water pollution" event, this time is the most easy to let the consumer have a sense of urgency, the time for product publicity, consumers purchase intention is more easy to listen to.

Planning promotional activities of the second is to promote, not like zhuge kongming "east wind", can only be created "dongfeng", gain enough is the best policy, in the case of not taking advantage, then consider yourself.Promote a lot of methods, the author listed as follows:

The first is to build events of spin.Can become the media and consumer attention, can become hot and bright spot, can have the industry influence, the social influence of the big event.The second approach is to build the concept (selling points).Also created the concept of 3 g system (3 g is good-looking GOODLOOK, GREEN GREEN, environmental protection, high quality GOODQUALITY) borrow enterprise has just been identified as environment mark product of dongfeng, across the country launched a "3 g water purifier line in China, millions of gifts to send keep" large-scale promotional activities.The third method is made.No holiday, holiday will be made.Such as cultural festival, art festival, appreciation day, etc.Use, in short, culture plays, brand terminal to receive money.Such as "husband" of some brand ambry manufacturing is a very good marketing strategy, water purifiers, of course, can also make a "drinking water health day" or "care for the water environment day", subject mainly highlights the importance of filtered water to health.The fourth way is to build alliances.As the saying goes, a fence three piles, three to help a hero.Five fingers clenched, to form the resultant force, produces power and attraction to the terminal.Different industry alliance can be done in the form of factory unified, such as spring, spring dew, beauty of net and other well-known domestic water purifiers brand jointly launched the high-end brand alliance.