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Drink water of scientific knowledge

When drinking water is the source of life and health, supplement moisture, drink much water added moisture, what kind of water added moisture, this is healthy thinking about eternal life.
Water is the source of life, all life is inseparable from the water, water or drain water is all life instinct, so readers have the title of the passage is likely to heart, who will not drink water?Don't drink what to pay attention to?
Well, right, really has exquisite water, drink water properly, can promote health, on the other hand, is bad for your health.How to drink water is healthy, this is the scientific knowledge about water.
How much water do drink for good
In the person's weight is 70% water, is mainly composed of water, so said too much, since people are mainly composed of water, in order to maintain a balance, and one day to drink how much water should be out how much water is roughly equal.In particular, is associated with weight.Through sweating, discharging water from drainage, evaporation, adults discharge quantity is big, water intake also thrown accordingly, about 2000 ml per day, infants and young children and the elderly according to weight and water consumption in 500-1500 ml;The second is related to the environment.The hot weather people sweat more, also the moisture to evaporate, should right amount water, should increase 500-1000 - ml, infants and young children and the elderly in half.Three is related to the diet.Eat too salty too greasy, should be appropriate make-up water, in order to promote the elimination of the salt and fat.Four is related to the movement.Heavy, sweat is much, water erosion, more should be added moisture, according to the amount of sweat, 500-1000 ml of water can be replenished.
What time do drink for good
In the morning hollow drink one cup of water, can promote blood circulation and metabolism, help the mind quickly wake up from sleep.Morning, at noon, after dinner, each drink one cup of water, can promote digestion, dissolve fat, reducing salt, fresh mouth and esophagus.
At 10 am and 3 PM each drink one cup of water, can be added for various reasons lost fluids in the body, and can delay the produce of the hunger, reduce food intake, to prevent obesity.Before falling asleep at night to drink one glass of water, this glass of water is very important, can dilute the blood viscosity, improve sleep quality, to prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel, insomnia, etc have set effect.Other situations are: after vigorous exercise or after a lot of sweat, should not be immediately into the water, and should be in 3 to 5 minutes and then into the water.
What do drink water
At present, all kinds of drinks is full of all kinds, dazzling, tea, beverages, fruit juice, water, mineral water, coffee, etc., Lin Lin.According to my experience and access to relevant data, are as follows:
One is to drink plain boiled water, most of the harmful substances like water to boil after one was destroyed, and the water contains a variety of minerals and trace elements did not be artificially damaged.And pure water in the most beneficial to human body composition is removed.
2 it is to drink juice, had better be to their own processing of fruit juice, any sale of fruit juice products on the market contain additives to varying degrees, although may meet the national safety standards, but in an age of advocate natural, green, ecological, or drink raw juice as well.
Three is a moderate amount of tea and coffee, tea can quench thirst, thirst yiqi, but excessive drinking will hurt a stomach and spleen;Coffee can be refreshing, but excessive drinking is affect sleep, the second is to stimulate the stomach.