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  • AS-TRB301-505 (alkaline)

  • Brand: : AS Mr. Shi
  • Type: : AS-TRB301-505 (alkaline)
  • Features: : Pure water machine/alkaline water machine
  • Color: : Blue, and purple, and yellow


AS Mr Shi alkaline water machine, comprehensive science and technology, fashion, pure and fresh and natural.
"Classic for meaningful, flashy passing smoke." AS ai products grasp every one detail, every one parts, each one tap, strives for perfection, every one hose control via boutique concept, AS ai shi classic products.
Surface vanity can not stand the test of time, with the passage of time gradually, have one day disappear in smoke, and on the contrary, technology and classic design will over time, the more valuable, new when, eternity.
AS ai company continuous innovation and breakthrough for 50 years and change, the establishment of standard constantly, and one time one time to subvert their own standards, easy. AS Mr. Shi's famous motto, is the AS ai product declaration, is also a pursuit of power source.
AS ai ShiYi straight to the world's best water purifiers requests itself, represents the noble, selective, and different, one is a successful people all over the world and also the envy of noble chase.
1, A level, it is AS one of best-selling products, characterized by fine workmanship technology mature, relatively low prices, including the kitchen water purifier three straight machine two design style, and the central water purifier calendar one design (the actual shall prevail).
2, AS ai development of luxury water purifier series, advanced in technology, price is a little bit higher, pure water machine, straight drink machine and kitchen has s-class products.
3, AS the supreme products, almost covers the most advanced technology and excellent work craft, pure hand-made, known by the media AS "may be by far the world's best water purifier".
4, AS Mr Shi series adopt MKK ultrafiltration membrane technology, import gold KDF water (removal of heavy metals in water), high-density honeycomb mesh.Not only can effectively filter out impurities, colloid, bacteria, organic matter, heavy metal, etc., still can make water purification of minerals and trace elements more for easy absorption by human body.