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  • Large engineering equipment AS - RO700/500/300

  • Brand: : AS
  • Type: : Large engineering equipment AS - RO700/500/300
  • Features: : Large pure water equipment
  • Color: : Stainless steel


An overview, reverse osmosis
1.1 reverse osmosis, also known as reverse osmosis, a differential pressure as the driving force, isolated from the solution of solvent membrane separation operation.Of membrane material liquid pressure, when pressure exceeds its osmotic pressure, solvent will reverse the direction of natural penetration for reverse osmosis.To get through on the low voltage side of the membrane solvent, namely penetrating fluid;High side concentrated solution, that is, concentrate.If use seawater reverse osmosis treatment, on the low voltage side of the membrane to get fresh water, brine in the high side.

1.2 reverse osmosis, solvent permeation rate of liquid flow energy N: N = Kh (delta p - delta PI) type of Kh for hydraulic permeability coefficient, it increases with temperature increase slightly;The delta p for the static pressure difference on both sides of the membrane;The delta PI for membrane solution of osmotic pressure difference on both sides.Dilute solution of osmotic pressure PI for: PI = iCRT type I to solute molecules in the ionization ion generated number;C is the molar concentration of the solute;As the molar gas constant R;T for the absolute temperature.Reverse osmosis is often use asymmetric membranes and composite membranes.Used in the reverse osmosis equipment, mainly for hollow fiber type or volume type membrane separation equipment.

1.3 reverse osmosis membrane can intercept the water of all kinds of inorganic ions, colloidal substance and macromolecule solute, thus to obtain the net is made of water.Can also be used for the preconcentration of macromolecular organic solution.The reverse osmosis process is simple, low energy consumption, get rapid development in recent 20 years.Has large scale (see brine) desalination of seawater and brine, boiler water softening and wastewater treatment, and combined with ion exchange high pure water, its application scope is expanded, already used in dairy, juice concentrate and the separation and enrichment of biochemical and biological agents.

Industrial pure water high pure water equipment:

High pure water and pure water quality index and the use of industry recommendation:



The water quality indicators

It is recommended to use industry

Electrical conductivity10 mu S/CM or less

Animal drinking water(medicine), the common chemical ingredients, food ingredients in the use of water

Common electroplating rinse with deionized water, textile printing and dyeing with industry in addition to the hard desalting water, polyester slice with pure water, fine chemical, civil water drinking pure water, other have the same quality requirements in the use of water.

Electrical conductivity4 mu S/CM or less

Electroplating chemicals production water, surfactants in chemical industry production water, medical water purification,

Liquor production with pure water, beer production with pure water, drinking pure water pure water machine, ordinary cosmetics production water, hemodialysis, other have the same quality requirements in the use of water.

The resistivity5 ~ 10 m omega CM.

Lithium battery production, battery production in the use of water, cosmetics production water, power plant boiler water, chemical ingredients, other have the same quality requirements in the use of water.

The resistivity: 10 ~ 15 m omega. CM

Animal laboratory water, glass shell plating rinse water, electroplating with pure water, coated glass, other have the same quality requirements in the use of water.

The resistivity15 M or higher. Omega CM

Pharmaceutical production with sterile water, liquid water, senior cosmetics production with deionized water coating, electronic industry, optical material cleaning in the use of water, electronic ceramic industry with pure water, advanced magnetic material with pure water, other have the same water quality requirements of the water.

The resistivity17 M or higher. Omega CM

Magnetic material boiler softened water, water sensitive new materials, semiconductor materials production, advanced metal materials in the use of water, water aging proof materials laboratory, non-ferrous metals, precious metals smelting, sodium m new materials production in the use of water, air new material production, the solar cell production in the use of water, crystal slice of production water, ultra pure chemical reagents production water, lab with high pure water, other have the same water quality requirements of the water.

The resistivityP 18 M omega. CM

ITOConductive glass manufacturing, laboratory in the use of water level, electronic clean cloth production water and other with the same water quality requirements of the water


Five, the equipment specifications

To meet user needs, the water quality reach standard, reducing pollution at all levels as much as possible, and extend the service life of equipment, reduce the maintenance workload of operators.On the process design, up to the standards of tap water as source water, again with dielectric filters, activated carbon filters, sodium softener, precision filter, and other pretreatment system,ROReverse osmosis host system, mixed bed ion exchange (EDIElectric desalination system) system, etc.
System in the water tank is equipped with liquid level control system, water pump with pressure protection device, online water quality inspection control instrument, electrical usePLCProgrammable controller, really did none of duty, at the same time in the process used on select material recommended by the consolidated method of and customer requirements, make the equipment compared with other similar products, have a higher cost performance and equipment reliability.

Standards: strictly enforce the current standard of various water treatment (drinking water standard, laboratory water, high pure water standard electronic industry, etc.), continuously to improve on the process design and selection of materials, to meet the needs of various standard first.