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  • AS-TF6000-06

  • Brand: : AS Mr. Shi
  • Type: : AS-TF6000-06
  • Features: : ultrafiltration
  • Color: : white


Product features:

The whole machine adopts conforms to the United States NSF certification of equipment safety of drinking water filter.

Water purification line adopt appropriate NSF certified material.

Gooseneck faucet water with low lead materials.

Water purification filter material using green environmental protection material.

All plastic joint comply with SGS certification standards.

Using nanometer active carbon adsorption quickly toxic substances and heavy metals, etc.

Add activated carbon rear CaiYin add flavor and sterilization and disinfection.

The rear can match multifunction filter to improve physical fitness.

The whole machine adopts quick release filter easy replacement.

Free plug without waste water.

Can help relieve stable nerve and fatigue.

Restrain the effect of acidification and antimicrobial regeneration function, caused by bacteria, in turn, keep your body weak alkaline condition.And increase the living water.

Deodorant: using multiple antibacterial mechanism, effective antibacterial, and do not fight alga, with the function of long-acting type.USES the high quality antibacterial coconut shell activated carbon as the filter material, mainly used to improve the taste of water, eliminate peculiar smell.

Live minerals containing ion type of minerals, the filter material can supplement your diet intake is insufficient, produce alkaline and anti-oxidation function, and effectively improve the function of lactic acid of drinking water.Proper drinking water calcium and magnesium.


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