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  • AS-CRB03S-504 (alkaline)

  • Brand: : AS Mr. Shi
  • Type: : AS-CRB03S-504 (alkaline)
  • Features: : Pure water/alkaline water
  • Color: : pink


Product model:The AS-CRB03S-504 (alkaline)

Filtering process: 5 umpp cotton + import natural coconut shell activated carbon + import coconut shell activated carbon rods + RO membrane + precision coconut shell activated carbon

Filtration precision: 0.0001 um

Out of the water flow: 190 l/day

Working pressure: 0.1-0.35 MPa

Using water supply: municipal tap water

Water quality: 5-45 ℃

The shell material: ABS resin

Water quality: superior to national standard "drinking water health standards" (GB5749-2006), including sensory and microbiological indexes reach the bottle (barrel) drinking water health standards "GB17324-2003

Country of origin: shenzhen, China